I’m an AWS Community Builder!!

OK so how FREAKING cool is this!

Me and my “newb” self at my 7 month mark in Tech; and I’ve somehow managed to make it into this fabulous program! This reminds me of being a flight attendant all over again, vying against thousands of amazing people to get the coveted CJO for Delta or American Airlines.

But let's backtrack a bit.. have I always known about this program? The answer is NO. I strongly suggest to anyone breaking into any industry to cast your biggest net possible and NETWORK!! A friend approached me and said “hey you should apply for this” and the rest, as they say is history.

I was so apprehensive to apply when I read the requirements, and instantly felt like I would never measure up to many of the outstanding individuals I know who’d be applying as well. Nevertheless, I chalked it up and gave it my best shot. In detail the application wanted people who contributed to, openly sharing knowledge via blogs, podcasts, videos etc, content creators and people who are passionate about the industry. Honestly I felt like I checked off only one box. However, the program itself and what it entailed held me hostage like a kid trying ice-cream for the first time!

Learning about AWS was definitely on my list, but being able to be in an environment, with other like minded individuals, to create, share and be a positive influence to others is literally ME! Also I just wanted to feel like I belong somewhere in this ocean of Infosec.

After filling out the application, I received an email from Jason Dunn the community manager, with a piece I’d never forget; And, yes, this is a real person using a real inbox to send this email.

The fact that he took the time to personally respond to each email really made me feel welcomed, and also brought on a bit of good anxiety lol.

I am truly humbled, and blessed to have this opportunity, not only to advance my career, but to make my family and friends proud, to fly my country’s flag high “big up trinidad” to inspire anyone to go for it, even though you may not check off all the boxes, that perhaps you are still worthy of that spot.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with as many others as I can in the upcoming twelve months of this program, and I will continue to carve out my path in this amazing industry!!

Love, Light & AWS

Here’s the link to the AWS Builders Community, you can find more info and FAQS' on this page as well.




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